Standing Straw Sale

General Details:

Sale of Standing Straw at farm gate
6:00pm - On behalf of AR Preece, Cressage, SY5 6EA
34.12 acres Winter Oats
66.74 acres Winter Wheat
6:45pm-  On behalf of Coton Farms Ltd, Astley House, WV15 6ER
123.00 acres Winter Barley
20.90 acres Spring Barley
7.15pm - On behalf of B Kennerley, Perry House, Six Ashes, WV15 6ER
58.00 acres Winter Wheat
17.00 acres Winter Oats
7.30pm - On behalf of Enville Estates Land near Gilberts Cross on Stourbridge Road A454
50.00 acres Winter Oats
35.00 acres Winter Wheat
20.00 acres Winter Barley
48.00 acres Spring Barley

Farm Gate
Event Date: 
Thursday, 7 July 2016
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